ALEGRÍAS DE CADIZ (with English subtitles)

Understand flamenco dance, song & guitar

Have you been learning flamenco as a fixed choreography? 

Are you ready to experience the spontaneous spirit of live flamenco?  

If so, you will need to understand: 

✔️ How to dance to live song and guitar?  

✔️ How do singers accompany dancers?  

✔️ How do guitarrists accompany dance and song?  

✔️ How do dancers, singers and guitarrists communicate and improvise among themselves?  

✔️ What are flamenco codes and communication?  

+ So much more!  


In our MAESTROS Flamenco video on-demand courses, we teach you in a holistic way, from all 3 essential perspectives.    Learn at your own pace and time, with unlimited access!



With MAESTROS Flamenco's focus on flamenco communication and codes, you get more than a choreography.

☑️ Get a FULL choreography with a traditional structure.
☑️  Learn how to dance to/ sing to/ play the guitar to different possibilities in live flamenco.
☑️ Gain insights to improvise and adapt so that you can start practising with a touch of spontaneity.

Different from the fiesta-nature of our first course (Tangos de Triana), this second course Alegrías de Cádiz is a palo (flamenco style) with a complete structure.

Each lesson is well-organised according to choreography structure, so that you can understand the parts of a flamenco dance (1. Salida / 2. Letra + Coletilla / 3. Llamada + Remates + Subida + Cierre / 4. Silencio / 5. Castellana / 6. Escobilla / 7. Bulerías de Cádiz)

Recommended level: Intermediate

However, our courses are suitable for flamenco students of any level wanting to understand live flamenco, codes and communication.

Start learning and take your flamenco to the next stage of growth.

PLUS, gain confidence with your practice too!  

Get this course and understand flamenco holistically

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Experience the culture,
FEEL flamenco! 

With MAESTROS Flamenco courses, you can enjoy flamenco culture too!   Hear directly from the local Spanish and artists' perspective!  

Discover, enjoy, interpret and express it in your flamenco!  Alegrías de Cádiz -  be inspired by the vibrant seaside town of Cádiz. Imagine the sun, sea, salt and breeze, express your alegría, joy of living!  

Enjoy this video where Manuel, Manu and Javier chat about the culture.

What makes MAESTROS Flamenco courses unique?

Flamenco is  MORE than just steps and choreography/!  

With MAESTROS Flamenco, you get to learn flamenco holistically with dance, song and guitar - from ALL 3 essential perspectives  

Why do we recommend this approach?    

Because the knowledge of the 3 disciplines altogether will enable you to understand flamenco in the most complete way.  

Plus, experience and grow your flamenco with a touch of spontaneity and improvisation!

Flamenco Dance Maestro

One of Spain's most acclaimed and charismatic maestros. "The Olympics Coach of Flamenco Dance. He inspires you to 'dance from within', to be bold and expressive, to enjoy the flavour of the dance." Through his prestigious Academia de Manuel Betanzos in Seville, he has mentored and trained many professional artists of today's flamenco world. Manuel has a wealth of experience performing in renowned flamenco tablaos in Spain, where it's all about mastery, spontaneity and improvisation. You'll need a teacher who has lived through all that, to guide you on learning this captivating aspect of flamenco.

Flamenco Song Maestro

Manuel Soto, also fondly known as Manu, is a highly acclaimed flamenco singer from Jerez, Spain. Hailing from a flamenco family, he brings with him a rich heritage and deep understanding of the art of flamenco cante. As a largely self-taught cantaor, Manu's talent, expressiveness, patience and sincerity shine through in his interactions with students. One of the unique aspects of learning from him is the opportunity to receive the art directly from one of the sources of flamenco in Spain. Manu's artistry extends beyond his home country. He has gained international recognition and is a much sought-after cantaor in the flamenco scene, collaborating with many of today's prominent flamenco artists. 

Flamenco Guitar Maestro

Javier has not only mastered the art of playing the flamenco guitar but also excels in composition and accompaniment. He is a highly sought-after guitarist hailing from Jerez and collaborates extensively with some of Spain's most renowned artists. He has graced numerous Flamenco festivals and prestigious theatres around the world in cities like New York and London. Down-to-earth Javier's patience in accompanying students is simply heartwarming. He gives you his full attention and focus, and supports you in every step you take!

Read what students say

 "My favorite palo and the one I have studied the most. Yet I knew there is still always more to learn (a basic truth in Flamenco) and this class has proven it. The class has launched me into another level of understanding the codes and possibilities of dancing an Algerias live. The confidence I have gained from this knowledge has also improved my dancing immensely. Gracias! "

Helena Pietrusiewicz Nunez, USA

 "There is so much information that would benefit all students and I urge all students to look carefully at these MAESTROS Flamenco online courses and the zoom courses. They are phenomenal. They are so well organized and prepared, and that makes a BIG difference to the students' assimilation. AND the maestros are all amazing. They are experts, yes, but they are also respected professionals who are actively performing internationally and have the pulse of the current flamenco scene.

Secondly, the courses focus exactly on what the student needs by addressing the most important points often overlooked elsewhere... the UNDERSTANDING, the communications, the differences, the nuances, and the interpretation of the palo.

These courses enable students to be more deliberate and confident in their dancing, not just imitate or copy choreographies.

The MAESTROS courses are a GOLD MINE of flamenco information. Regardless of your skill level or your goal, they should be the basis for your flamenco library. For me personally, they are a joy to experience. First class all the way! "

Ana María Suárez, USA

Get this course and grow your next stage of flamenco!

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