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What stage of flamenco are you at?  Have you been learning flamenco as a fixed choreography?

Find out how you can experience flamenco with live spontaneity and improvisation. Created for dancers, singers and guitarists, this free course gives you selected lessons from all our courses.

What makes MAESTROS Flamenco courses unique?

It's more than just choreography!

 Get insights into flamenco codes, communication and possibilities.  

All courses feature live dance, song and guitar.  

Discover and enjoy flamenco culture of each palo  

Learn holistically, from Spain's top maestros.

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Tangos de Triana

Get into the spirit of festive por fiesta flamenco! With short dances to short letras (instead of long structured choreography), the Tangos de Triana helps you focus on the interaction and communication between dance, song and guitar.

No matter your level, if you are new to learning about this exciting part of live flamenco, start with this course!

Alegrías de Cádiz

This Alegrías de Cádiz is a full choreography with a traditional structure. Lessons are organised according to the structure, so that you get to understand the typical parts of this flamenco palo (style).

We explore the different possibilities and ways that you can do each and EVERY part of the choreography

Bulerías por Soleá

Bulerías por Soleá is also a palo with a complete structure.In our courses, you get a choreography and more. Learn how to communicate, interact and lead.

For dance, song or guitar students wanting to understand live flamenco or tablao flamenco, MAESTROS flamenco courses will be an invaluable resource, regardless of your level.


Spain's acclaimed maestros who are highly experienced in performing and teaching.

Manuel Betanzos (Dance)

Manuel Soto (Song)

Javier Ibáñez (Guitar)

 "The courses focus exactly on what the student needs by addressing the most important points often overlooked elsewhere... the UNDERSTANDING, the communications, the differences, the nuances, and the interpretation of the palo. These courses enable students to be more deliberate and confident in their dancing, not just imitate or copy choreographies

Ana María Suárez, USA

 "The lessons are wonderful, the format and teaching method are so clear - well done to everyone involved for creating such a fantastic resource, it is absolute gold!"

Serena Joy, Teacher, Australia

 "I’m glad I bought it. In my particular case I do not have access to a guitar and cantaor in my classes, this course helped me to understand the relationship between those elements."

Marybel Meier, USA

Get your FREE mini-course now!

Find out how you can go beyond fixed choreography. Understand live, spontaneous flamenco. Created for dancers, singers and guitarists, this free course gives you selected lessons from all our courses.


The first-ever online course teaching you live flamenco codes, communication and improvisation,
by Spain's acclaimed maestros.