Get a feel of our first two courses - the festive Tangos de Triana and the Alegrías de Cádiz. Get to know Manuel Betanzos, Manuel Soto & Javier Ibañez, the personality and energy of the three maestros who will be teaching you!

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Tangos de Triana

A fiesta dance with lots of spontaneity. With our courses, you're not only getting a choreography, you'll learn what you can do with your choreography!

Codes & communications - the tools to help you learn to improvise.

(Basic Level / Nivel Básico)



Get to know what's in this course. It's a dance with a full structure. We focus on the possibilities and different ways you can do each of these sections:

(Salida, Letra, Silencio, Castellana, Escobilla, Bulerías)

 (Intermediate Level / Nivel Medio)


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Flamenco Tips!

How to move your hips

"When you dance, use your hips to the max.
Side to side, front & back,
Feel your body, feel free in your hips
Make it round, use more hips!

- Manuel Betanzos

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Flamenco Aire

'Aire' is a feeling that gives you life, that makes you throb'

'El aire es una sensación que te da ida, que te hace vibrar.'


Our Speciality

Maestros Flamenco

The first-ever online course on the secretive codes of flamenco improvisation, holistically taught from ALL three essential perspectives. Whether you are a dancer, singer or guitarist, this will be an invaluable resource. You will be guided by Spain’s top artists, Manuel Betanzos (dance) with the live music of Manuel Soto (song) & Javier Ibañez (guitar). Join this community to explore and enrich the stages of your flamenco growth. With our HD video-streaming courses, you can learn AT YOUR TIME, ANYTIME, with FOREVER ACCESS.