Get a feel of our video courses - the festive Tangos de Triana, the Alegrías de Cádiz and the Bulerías por Soleá. Get to know Manuel Betanzos, Manuel Soto & Javier Ibañez, the personality and energy of the three maestros who will be teaching you! Learn at YOUR OWN TIME & PACE!

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Tangos de Triana

A fiesta dance with lots of spontaneity. With our courses, you're not only getting a choreography, you'll learn what you can do with your choreography!

Codes & communications - the tools to help you learn to improvise.

(Basic Level / Nivel Básico)



Get to know what's in this course. It's a dance with a full structure. We focus on the possibilities and different ways you can do each of these sections:

(Salida, Letra, Silencio, Castellana, Escobilla, Bulerías)

 (Intermediate Level / Nivel Medio)


Bulerías por Soleá

A dance with a full structure, focused on flamenco tablao-style. You will explore the different possibilities and ways you can do each part of the choreography: 

(Salida, 1st Letra, 2nd Letra, Falseta, Escobilla, Bulerías)

Codes & communications - the tools to help you learn to improvise.

(Level: Intermediate- Advanced)

The Bulerías por Soleá course is an intermediate-Advanced level. However, it is also recommended for any dance, song or guitar student wanting to understand the world of flamenco tablao.


Flamenco Tips!

How to move your hips

"When you dance, use your hips to the max.
Side to side, front & back,
Feel your body, feel free in your hips
Make it round, use more hips!

- Manuel Betanzos

Stay tuned for more videos!


Flamenco Aire

'Aire' is a feeling that gives you life, that makes you throb'

'El aire es una sensación que te da ida, que te hace vibrar.'


Our Speciality

Maestros Flamenco

The first-ever online course on the secretive codes of flamenco improvisation, holistically taught from ALL three essential perspectives. Whether you are a dancer, singer or guitarist, this will be an invaluable resource. You will be guided by Spain’s top artists, Manuel Betanzos (dance) with the live music of Manuel Soto (song) & Javier Ibañez (guitar). Join this community to explore and enrich the stages of your flamenco growth. With our HD video-streaming courses, you can learn AT YOUR TIME, ANYTIME, with FOREVER ACCESS.


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Understand how you can go beyond fixed choreography to have spontaneity in your flamenco! What are 'flamenco communication', 'codes' and 'possibilities'? How to adapt your dance to cante, how do singers and guitarists accompany? Plus MORE!   Created for dancers, singers and guitarists, it includes selected lessons from our Tangos & Alegrías courses.