To get to know our courses, you can try out our FREE 7-day mini-course. This includes a SELECTION of lessons from ALL of our 3 courses (the Tangos de Triana, Alegrías de Cádiz, Bulerías por Soleá)


Have you been learning flamenco as a fixed choreography and now want to feel spontaneous? Would you like to understand live flamenco?

How to dance to live song and guitar?

How do singers accompany dancers?

How do guitarrists accompany dance and song?

How do dancers, singers and guitarrists communicate and improvise among themselves?

What are 'codes' and resources for tablao-flamenco?



In our MAESTROS Flamenco video on-demand courses, we teach you in a holistic way, from all 3 essential perspectives.

Learn at your own pace and time, with unlimited access!


With all of our courses, you'll get more than just a choreography, you'll learn flamenco communication, codes and explore possibilities - an approach that enables you to have your moments of spontaneity in a live scenario.

  • A festive, por fiesta dance. Be inspired by the irresistible spontaneity of fiestas in this famous flamenco neighbourhood in Seville.
  • In addition to getting a choreography, you can learn to dance, sing or play the guitar and explore the different possibilities for the choreography.
  • Understand how you can 'solve situations' that arise, and how you can respond or improvise.
  • All MAESTROS flamenco courses feature live song and guitar accompaniment. So you'll receive a holistic learning from these 3 essential perspectives.
  • Level: Basic (View course video for an idea of this level). Suitable too for students of any level wanting to understand live flamenco, codes and communication.

Package Courses

Why do we recommend the 3-in-1 courses (Dance+Song+Guitar)? Because the knowledge of the 3 disciplines together will enable you to understand and approach your flamenco learning in the most complete way.

Tangos de Triana (Dance + Song)

€60,00 EUR
Tangos de Triana (ALL COURSES: Dance, Song, Guitar)

€70,00 EUR

Single Courses

Tangos de Triana (Dance)


€40,00 EUR
Tangos de Triana (Song)

€30,00 EUR
Tangos de Triana (Guitar, with song + dance chapters)

€50,00 EUR

Experience the culture,

FEEL flamenco!

If you want to learn how to dance, sing or play the guitar spontaneously and freely, then our maestros will show you the way, with their experience, generosity and charisma.


By guided by Manuel Betanzos (dance), Manuel Soto (song) and Javier Ibáñez (guitar).

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Ana María Suárez

"The courses are phenomenal, so well organized and prepared. AND the maestros are all amazing. The courses focus exactly on what the student needs by addressing the most important points often overlooked elsewhere...the UNDERSTANDING, the communications, the differences, the nuances, and the interpretation of the palo. These courses enable students to be more deliberate and confident in their dancing, not just imitate or copy choreographies. The Maestros Courses are a GOLD MINE of flamenco information. Regardless of your skill level or your goal, they should be the basis for your flamenco library."