The Essential Guide to Flamenco Communication & Codes

Based on the Tangos de Triana.


Tangos de Triana

The Tangos de Triana is a festive, por fiesta dance. Be inspired by the irresistible spontaneity of fiestas in this famous flamenco neighbourhood in Seville.

Want to dance, sing or play the guitar with spontaneity? With our courses, you'll get more than just a choreography, you'll learn flamenco communication & codes - the tools to help you learn to improvise.

🇪🇸Un baile por fiesta con mucha espontaneidad. ¡Con nuestros cursos, no sólo obtendrás una coreografía, sino que aprenderás lo que puedes hacer con tu coreografía! Códigos y comunicaciones - las herramientas para ayudarte y aprender a improvisar.


Single Courses

Tangos de Triana (Dance)


€40,00 EUR
Tangos de Triana (Song)

€30,00 EUR
Tangos de Triana (Guitar, with song + dance chapters)

€50,00 EUR

Package Courses

Tangos de Triana (Dance + Song)

€60,00 EUR
Tangos de Triana (ALL COURSES: Dance, Song, Guitar)

€70,00 EUR

Essential Learning

The first-ever online course on the secretive codes & communication for flamenco improvisation, holistically taught from ALL three essential perspectives: ie the dancer, the singer and the guitarist.

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